Composing like Mozart


There are days when I feel like Mozart. 
I watched the movie Amadeus many years ago and was fascinated to learn, he did not compose on paper. Rather, the composition happened in his head and later he simply wrote it out. Amazing! 
I know I “write” in my head. I sometimes find myself laying awake at night having scenes from something I am writing play out in my head. Dialog and emotions broiling away and finally all coming together. 
There are times when I have to get up and write while the picture is clear, before sleep fades and blurs the edges. 
While I don’t consider myself in the same league as Mozart. Far from it! However, I understand his need, compulsion to get the finished work out of his head. Out and down on paper. In his case, music! 
The written word can be music to one’s ears though can’t it. When written in such a way as to move us, change us, take us away to far away places, then it can be, to our soul, just like the music of Mozart.
Don’t you just love a good symphony?! 


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