Well i was going to go do my own thing and ken was going with Greenhaugls to see Buckingham Palace, St.Pauls, parliament buildings and Big Ben. 
However with the weather also being a bit soggy, Russ and Annette decided to go to the British Museum etc where they’d keep dry! 
So….. Ken was coming with me. We took the tube to ‘Blackfriar’ stop and walked along the Thames to the millennium bridge which is pedestrian only. It crosses the river right where a replica of the Globe theatre stands… Where Shakespeare’s plays were originally performed.

 At least he was interested in the building so not totally bored. 
I had read about the replica of the Shakespeare’s Globe. This was a theatre built in 1599, rebuilt several times and then lost…. The foundation nearby theatre of the same vintage was unearthed while an area was being excavated for building purposes. The Rose theatre. Historians knew the Globe theatre was next door so they were able to locate part of it. 
The replica was built only a couple of minutes walk away but took many years of fundraising, and permits etc. I enjoyed it so much! I wish I could have seen a play there as it would be a unique experience. Our guide said it is unique for actors as well, and some love it and can’t wait to come back, others are afraid as it is light and the actors can see audience. Some of them up close. 
After that, ken and I were looking for somewhere to have lunch. Many years ago, Angela, a London friend of ours took us to a place in Soho called Wagamamas. It is a noodle house, large bowls of Ramen noodles with all sorts of things in it. The place was so successful that there are restaurants all over England. On our walk to the tube station we spied a Wagamamas. What a surprise! So we went in and ate, ordering the same thing actually. The house special, as it had chicken, shrimp, pork, clams…. And noodles, all in a tasty chicken broth. 

 From there we headed on to the tube station again, stopping to take pictures of a few things, The Golden Hinde…ship, the Shard (a building) and a market. 
Ken wanted to wander on Oxford street for a bit so that’s what we did, from Bond street where we exited the tube, to Park Lane where we picked up our number 10 bus ‘home’.

(Selfridges…department  store)

Time for a rest. 
Snacks for dinner and lastly…..for our last night together……. Need I tell you what else we did?!? 😀

Russ and Annette have one more day in London but we are in Southampton helping Mum to get ready to come back with us for a visit…..see you soon, Victoria friends.

I will post more pics of our trip on Instagram and Facebook once I get home. And the best ones here for any of you who won’t see them elsewhere. 

Caio, cheerio, arrivederci! 


One thought on “Solo”

  1. So nice your Mum is coming to Canada for a visit. Give her our love. Too bad we don’t live there any more, we could visit.


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