Via Pompeii

We woke to rain, and thunder and lightening so it would be iffy stopping in Pompeii on our way to Rome. The drive from Praiano to Pompeii was to be about an hour and by then we would be around in the bay of Naples so we thought we’d wait and see what the weather was like before making the decision to just keep going. 

By the time we arrived at Pompeii the rain had stopped and the sun actually came out a little. Our timing was good. 
Ken and I had been here 10 years previous and there are things that have been uncovered and cleaned up etc since then. There is also an exhibit of bodies that were unearthed. They poured plaster of Paris around the remains and so there is a form that can be seen. (I will post my picture of that when I get home, it’s on the camera) 

Of course the buildings of stone managed to stay somewhat intact. Even frescos and mosaics, marble counters are well preserved but living matter was destroyed instantly. 

This time seeing the bodies made the disaster all the more real. Seeing a mother and her children who died together was more sobering than the eerie feeling I had the previous time just looking at all the empty buildings and roads. I felt a little like I did standing at ‘ground zero’ in New York. 
So, as we left and got onto the autostrada to Rome the weather came in again and it rained quite a lot of the way. The directions into Rome were great and other than being bumper to bumper for a while, we made it to Termini where we hoped we could drop the car as we did the last time. Avis wanted us to go to a drop off garage which was not far, but we missed the spot the first time and took about 10 minutes to get around all the traffic and one way streets to get back. We finally made it and found a taxi to take us to our apartment. 
The husband, whose wife owns the apartment where we had booked, was waiting for us and up we went to the fourth floor. The building has elevators however they were built after the fact. Little two person ones. Which meant, with bags it was one of us at a time. Even two people without bags you are “up close and personal!” ๐Ÿ˜Š
We settled in and didn’t feel like going out for dinner so next best thing was to pick up food from the corner Cafe. Two pizzas coming up! 
Pizza and a few cards and we were all done in. Plans were made for what we would see on the morrow, then we all retired for the night. 


2 thoughts on “Via Pompeii”

  1. What area of Rome are you staying in? We weren’t far from Termini, about 2-3 blocks up from the Colosseum, 174 Via San Giovanni in Laterano. Several pizza places nearby. You guys have been gone a LONG time!! How much vacation time are you taking??? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Sounds like you were not far from us. We were Viale Manzoni, 13. Right by the Manzoni Metro station.
    We have been gone a long time. I think we will be happy to go home. Even though we have enjoyed it. Our own bed! Our own food! Even though we cooked some things, but still it was with what was available.

    But to see what we did in shorter time makes it a rush and too tiring for us old folk! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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