Rome- day II

After breakfast we decided to get the metro….which was working again. Apparently the strike was only for the previous day. Likely to make a statement which would ‘encourage the establishment to adhere to their wishes. The metro was very busy and we had to stand for a few stops. I managed to get a seat and then Annette, for the last few. The stop for the Vatican was the most popular, almost everyone got out then, including us. 
We walked the gauntlet, every two steps there were people trying to sell you tickets to beat the line to get in and do tours. Of course they charge quite a bit extra to do that. Since we weren’t going in, only looking at the outside, we were happy to ignore them and keep walking. 
( pics with my iPhone)

We reached the square, after walking also through about 4 blocks of shops selling Vatican memorabilia. Once there, we joined the throngs of visitors, many who were in a long, long line that ringed the square. Perhaps some of them might start to think of paying extra to get in sooner……
We took our pictures and I took some pain killers for my back as we had a walk ahead of us to get to Trastavere area of Rome. Annette had downloaded a walking tour from Rick Steves that said it was an old and interesting area worth a visit. 
Our walk took us along the river Tiber from the bridge to the Vatican and south. It is a very pretty walk with all the bridges and Plain trees (Sycamore) that line it on both sides and hang their branches and leaves down. 

It was quite a walk, but my pain killers started to kick in a bit and I managed to get there. Ken had also had enough walking though so we opted to stop at a little caffe and have lunch rather than keep going. We met up again with Russ and Annette and walked the bridge across to infer Rome again and were looking for a tram, bus or if all else failed a taxi to take us home. 
We entered a piazza and it seemed familiar. It is the piazza of cats. Seriously. The ruins that all 250 of them inhabit is apparently where Julius Ceasar was murdered. I read that on any excavation cats seem to move in and this one they stayed. Many who are injured or where mistreated in some way, find their way to this place and volunteers look after them and feed them. Spaying and neutering is done and other medical attention they need. 
At this place we also, finally saw our brothers and sisters with three carts. The young sister spoke quite good English, the older couple spoke only a few words but we enjoyed learning about their ministry in Rome. We were told that where the carts are manned at the Coloseum, many Chinese people there take books. Hundreds have been taken to read. We were encouraged to see them there and they were encouraged to meet ones from another country. 
We found taxis nearby and off to our room. I even had a nap! Something that almost never happens. 

For dinner we made some pasta and sauce and a salad. Then Annette wanted to go take photos of the coloseum lit up, so her and Russ went ‘walk about’ to do that. Ken and I thought we would just go for a stroll. Gelato ended up being part of it. đŸ˜‰

We were all back in time for a few hands of……you guessed it! Euchre!! 


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