A comfortable bed! I repeat… A comfortable bed! Ahhhh. We all slept rather well and didn’t rush in the morning. I made sure I had directions to our London hotel. A little boutique place found on called simply suites. We will let you know if it is as good as it looks. 
A shuttle to the airport terminal was the first thing and ate breakfast there.

Then the ‘tube’ to Hammersmith (familiar Sabrina?!) and on to the nearest stop from our hotel, West Kensington. According to the hotel it is a 7 minute walk from the tube. I think perhaps it means it is a 7 minute walk for a London resident not carrying bags….. We shall see….

Well surprisingly enough the directions worked well and it really did only take a few minutes walk, even with our bags. This ‘hotel’ would have been a house at some point and there is NO ELEVATOR! Greenhaugls room was on the ground floor but the one they had for us was on the third floor! After the Amalfi coast and all the walking and climbing we had done over three weeks we asked if there was something else. We had to pay for a bit of an upgrade but then we only had one flight of stairs… this point it was worth it!! 
Our room was not ready but theirs was so we stored our bags in theirs and went ‘walkabout’. Since it was raining we decided upon Harrods. There was a bus only a couple of minutes walk away that would take us right there so off we went. 
We got off the bus and had only to walk around the corner to we crossed the road we literally ran into Tenelle McPhee and the three friends she is travelling with. How could that possibly happen in a city with more than 8million people?? LOL. They were also going to Harrods but actually had walked up the wrong road…if they had gone the right way we might never have seen them. We walked along and visited until we arrived at the store then separated. (We did see them a couple more times while we walked around.) 
The food section is always entertaining to walk through…… T-bone steak £11.00 /100g, beluga caviar £350 a teeny jar…. Chocolates £8 /100g some that look like flowers or jewels..  

We went up to ladies wear… Designers we will never see in Victoria! Children’s wear was fun. A tiny (about size 4) pale pink mink coat…£2,300!  (Annette has those pics)

The Egyptian escalator is a work of art, so we went up and down to see it all. At the bottom is a memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi Fahad. A lovely sculpture plus a memorial. The sculpture is beautiful, full of happiness, joy and hope. I enjoyed seeing it. 
 Lately as we left the store I finally found the purse I had been looking for all over Italy! It was so beautiful. Many colours, even a little animal print. Small, with a shoulder strap. I was drooling. It was likely a good thing I didn’t see it until Harrods as there I knew for sure I couldn’t afford it. Usually if you have to ask, because they aren’t displaying it, you can’t afford it. Well I just had to find out anyway. He he ha ha ha LOL. The price? Any guesses?? £1650.00. Hehehe 

Oh well….I can dream! 
We were ready for food by then and it was raining fairly hard so getting back inside somewhere was definitely a priority. Just around the corner was a pub. In we went….and found a mixed slider plate for two with two little hamburgers, two meat pies, three small pieces of deep-fried fish, chips, mushy peas. It was lots to share so each of us couples ordered one and dug in! 
(Pics later)

One we were ‘fed up’ we went out to find a bus. We found seats upstairs so we could enjoy the view back and near our hotel we got off. Kensington High Street goes for a long way and has lots of everything in the way of stores. Annette and I took a quick look in M &S (Marks and Spencer’s for the uninitiated) then met the guys at a Tescos to buy a few groceries. We both have a bit of a kitchen so we plan to have breakfast and snacks or one other light meal there. 

It was a bit far carrying our grocery bags and “beverages” so we hopped on another bus back to the hotel. 
Since it was after 2pm when we had all that food at the pub none of us wanted dinner really. I had a few nuts and some blueberries I had bought and when everyone had rested we got together for popcorn (I think the guys were in some serious withdrawal as they hadn’t had any for several weeks….no microwaves and couldn’t see any to buy and cook in a pan) 
And…….yep that’s right. EUCHRE! 


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