Our apartment is only a 15 minute walk to the Colosseum so off we went. It is an impressive structure and it’s always amazing to know these things have been standing for about two millennia. It was not too long a wait to get in so we followed the crowd and inched along. Before we knew it we had our tickets and off we went. 

We had downloaded the Rick Steves audio guide and so gained some info on that we were seeing. 

Along side the coloseum is the Arch of Constantine.
We then made our way into the Forum. Much of these buildings are in ruins but there are a few that are still standing. The long history though is amazing to see and gain a little insight in the lives of ones that lives so long ago. Also, to walk on the same stone blocks that have been walked on for several thousand years. Perhaps by the Apostle Paul…. And others mentioned in the scriptures. 


Arch of Titus.

Once we exited the Forum, we kept going and found a little place to have a sandwich. Ken and I shared one that had Turkey, lettuce, tomato and Bresola (smoked beef Italian style!) it was very good. 
A little farther and we had reached the Pantheon. Rather a marvel in engineering and still intact after several millennia. 

Next up Trevy Fountain, yes we were on a role! Unfortunately there is restorative work going on and the fountain has been drained. It was better than I hoped though and in pictures we took actually see the amazing sculptures. 

So close now to the Spanish steps so we kept going. The other reason was that it was where we could get the Metro back to our apartment. 
Spanish steps was disappointing as the building at the top was being restored…again. Twice now we have not had a good view. The fountain at the bottom was also not in use so it was a no go.  

So was the Metro….they had gone on strike. Taxi it is!! Only €11 so not bad really. I was not able to walk another step really either so I was grateful to sit and be chauffeured home. My lower back has been a problem for a few days now so the walking is just aggravating it. 
After a rest it was time to find food….. The previous night while we were waiting for our takeout I spied a sushi place…. Since I was really up to my eyebrows in pizza it would be a welcome change. 

Ken and I love our sushi so we got the ‘all you can eat’ one price menu. Russ and Annette chose to just order a couple of things. This meant we had to sit at separate tables….just in case we might try to ‘share’.
The food was very good though and we had our fill! Yum! 
Just enough energy for some more euchre…….


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