Arrivaderci Italia

For my last morning in Italy, and since we have been staying in residences instead of hotels…I have not had my cappuccino every day. So, it was a must to go down for one today. Ken and I went down to our little caffe on the corner and had cappuccini and pastry. Actually Ken found an extra large donut. 
Since our flight was not until 5:20pm we took a wander around the shops for a while in the morning. I had a been suffering with pain in my lower back for some time now…on and off since Florence. It was so bad the day before that I was not sure if I would be going anywhere in the morning. However I was up in the night, putting cream on itching and swelling mosquito bites, and hit my hip on the sink. It was painful at the time but somehow I think that put something back into place. LOL. So when I rose I was surprised to find the pain was gone. Yippee!

We even braved Termini since we were taking a taxi to the airport and Russ and Annette had never experienced it. And it is an experience! Lots of shops, places to eat and of course trains to here there and everywhere. 
By 1:30pm we were all packed up and had eaten what we could of the food we had left. Getting downstairs was a process so calling for a taxi was the very last thing.
We were quite organized. Russ went downstairs first, then I was deposited in the small elevator with two bags and my backpack. Down I trundled. Russ helped me get the bags out and I returned back up to the 4th floor for the rest. I went back down while Annette phoned for the taxi and then Ken turned off the breaker and locked up. Once we were all down and had rid ourselves of the garbage and recycling we dragged everything outside and the cab was already there waiting. 

The driver, nice young man who spoke fairly good English (said he learned in school, took less than 30 minutes to deposit us to the airport. He drove fast, about 130kph, but safely. 
Lots of time to get checked in, go through security and then passport control. Then it was ‘hurry up and wait’ until our flight. We took turns going for a walk and to check out the duty free.
Staying near the airport in London the first night as we didn’t want to go on the ‘tube’ and find our place in London, at night.
Since we had no dinner on the plane, only a tiny bun with a bit of chicken… They don’t feed you as they used to. So we ate a small repast in the hotel dining room to tide us over till morning.


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