“On top of the world”

Revello. Well, we tried to get an early bus to Amalfi and then on to Revello. However, there is no early bus….well…. I didn’t count the one at 7:15 (shh… Don’t tell Annette πŸ˜€)
The 9:35 bus, which should have connected us with a 10:05 but to Revello, came at just before 10 am….with the next one in tow. If we would have realized this in time we might have had a seat all the way to Amalfi (25 mins on a windy road). We didn’t realize in time however and stood all the way there, hanging on and trying not to fall on all the others who were standing. Apparently there is no maximum passengers. 
At least when we arrived in Amalfi we found there were two buses waiting to go. Perhaps they waited for the late arrival of our bus? This time we sat! 30 minutes on a windy, uphill, did I say uphill, you don’t want to stand! We actually had to 10 years ago. 
The scenery was pretty good on the way up. Annette was sitting on the side of the bus that was most conducive to picture taking. Since we had done it once before I was happy she had that seat. 

At the top you feel as if you are in top of the world. There was some haze so we could not see as far as we might on a truly clear day but even still it is quite breathtaking. ( My best pics I will share later when I can upload from my camera) 
There is an old residence, castle there. rufillo, who pick has been there since the 1300’s. We paid to go in as the gardens are well kept and the views are just about the best of the whole town.  
It appears to be a popular spot for weddings. When we were there 10 years ago we saw two. Today there was one. Perhaps it is the church and all the history there that draws people. 
We stopped for a bite to eat and then left the guys sitting while we went off to find more photo ops. 
I took Annette on a walk up (I know…I can’t get away from stairs!) in one area I had gone before. I found the same little courtyard I had seen and taken a photo of last time. 
Annette and I saw lots of kittens. One set were Siamese and apparently she used to breed them so was quite excited and enamoured,,,,,if there was a way to bring one back I think she would have… Lol
We went back and joined the guys in the piazza and then wandered some more. 

 Time to get the bus back down to Amalfi and then on to Praiano. We managed to get a seat on the bus down the hill. Once we reached Amalfi however, we were nearly last on one bus and had to stand. An English coupe were sitting by where I had to stand and the husband offered me a little of his seat… I gratefully accepted and it took a little of my weight off. 
Once home it was rest time again. We had bought lots of snack and antipasti food so this was what was for dinner. As well, there was some spaghetti noodles and sauce left. It made for plenty of food for us all and after, we……..? (I sound like Cat Deeley on ‘so you think you can dance’)….played cards. 


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