Arrivederci to the Amalfi coast.

Our last day on the coast and we thought to just walk about in our little town of Praiano. Annette still wanted to put at least her hand on the Mediterranean, so they went down….250 steps (one direction) as well as some ramps. We went so far and then bid them adieu. They were welcome to it. 
I woke up with a headache so was happy to sit and watch the entertaining traffic in town while sipping a cappuccino and munching on a pastry. Ken and I talked to an English couple from Manchester. They had walked on the road to Positano. Said it was five miles each way. They thought they would go home in good shape. I was happy to all along the road home. Lots of people did it daily and had survived, so I thought we would too. It actually reminded me of riding my bike to school along Romsey Road with large trucks (lorries) not far from my handlebars. No problem! 
Once Russ and Annette were home from their adventure and we had all had our naps…. We met them up on the roof top for cards…. What else? You should know by now LOL And laundry, as there was a washing machine up there in a shed. Snacks and wine were also on the menu as the afternoon turned to evening. 

We decided on a nice dinner in a restaurant not do far down the road. So, when it was time ( it didn’t open till 7:30), we walked down. We actually couldn’t find it but took direction from a couple also going down the road, and I mean down as in down the side of the cliff. I was grateful when we found our restaurant only half way down.
It was dark already when we arrived but we wished we had gone for lunch as it was lovely. Even still we sat on the water side, don’t look down!! Lights from town and boats etc were like twinkling stars.
After a while the moon rose and Annette tried to use the railing as a bit of a tripod to take some pictures. It is a day or so past full moon but still big and beautiful with some clouds about to accentuate its light. 
Our meal was ok. Not fantastic, too bad. Ken’s steak was good he said. It our pasta could not rival that which we had in the little local restaurant in Tavernelle. 

 Tiramisu was really good! But we all think it was the reason none of us slept so well. All that coffee and sugar?!  The little white cup was filled with an egg and cream mix, beaten with lots of sugar we thought as it was so sweet and the dessert biscotti. This was something the waitress’s grandma made, she told us. 
Off to our respective rooms to pack and go to sleep, try anyways, for tomorrow is travel day again. 

Roma here we come! 


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