Time for some Positano

Our first excursion here on the Amalfi coast was decided upon, and it was to visit Positano.

Though we had driven the same road coming in on Saturday, it is a different thing entirely to do on the bus. 
The road is windy and narrow in places. Around s-curves there are mirrors placed so the drivers can see what might be coming in the opposite direction. Even then sometimes when there are two buses that need to pass, one with have to back up and over almost against the high concrete wall or cliff face in order for the other to make it past. If there were no windows you could reach over and touch the people on the other bus. 
At first there are a number of “newbie” coast dwelling tourists who hold their breath while all this is taking place. Especially when a scooter or two decide to whip in between the buses as they are maneuvering! 10 years ago when we were here I was sure one would get crushed doing it. 
Now we just smile and shake our head at the entertainment. 


We got off the bus at the top of the hill and wandered down into the town, taking pictures as we went. Positano is a popular place to visit and was quite busy with tourists and residents alike. There were lots of shops along the way and we stopped to look along the way. While my other three travellers bought a gelato I decided on a local treat, wish I had remembered the name…. It was eggplant and mozza and basil that had been deep-fried. It was very good.
Down at the bottom by the sea there is a beach and that is also where the ferry comes and goes. So as not to climb back up for the bus, as well as to enjoy a view of the coast from the water, we too, the ferry back to Amalfi (there is no ferry from Praiano).
Russ and Annette took their motion pills and on we went. It was a lovely sunny, hot, day; perfect for the water. The windows were opened and we took pictures of the coast and of where we are staying.   
We alit in Amalfi and decided we would have something to eat there and wander the town as it was still early and Amalfi is not large. When Ken and I were here 10 years ago it was not nearly this busy with tourists and it was about the same time of September.    

(My better pictures are in the camera…..later!)

So we found a place to eat that had little tables up on a balcony away from the commotion below. Ken and I shared a ‘cone’ of seafood and some fries (homesick?)  
We wandered the streets a little longer and I succumbed to Gelato. ‘Amalfi’ flavour which tasted like lemoncello without the liqueur…. Quite yummy! 
We finally decided it was time to get a bus back home and off we went. Russ and Annette managed a front seat for the drive and entertainment that, as I mentioned, goes with it. 
Nap time then another adventure…… Dinner. 
On a hike… Up and up some more, Annette and Russ found a pizza restaurant. They asked the young man working there if this was the best pizza in the area…. He came out right away with a free piece for them to try. It was good enough for them to want to go back.
So….I was talked into the walk. Up we went….many, many stairs. 

Then a walkway that rose some more. Then more steps!! That took us to the street where the little grocery store was and we walked past that is up the road some more for about 10 mins. Finally we arrived at the restaurant and waited for a while for a table as it seems a busy place. All the outside tables were taken. 
Just as we were being called in to be seated, I noticed red light above the view of Salerno we could see in the distance. Finally I realized this was the ‘blood moon’ I had read about. Too bad Annette didn’t have a tripod or we might have gotten some amazing pictures. She managed a couple that were not bad but on the whole we had to make do with thoroughly enjoying the natural phenomenon ourselves. 


My poor imitation with my iPhone…
We enjoyed the food too. Everyone else had pizza but the special of the day caught my attention and I had to try it. A pasta, both black and normal, with shrimp and an arugula pesto. At first it tasted a bit bitter but as I ate, and drank their house wine that was very good, I began to enjoy it all the more. 



(For some reason the picture with Ken and his pizza won’t upload properly!)
Ken and I enjoyed a tiramisu together before we went out to do the reverse trip home. In the dark it was an adventure as well. We had anticipated at least That we would be returning in the dark as nothing opens for dinner until about 7:30pm, so we had a flash light, and two iPhones that have a flashlight built in. Most stairs had a railing to hold onto (though it seemed I was the only one to avail themselves of it). 
After all that adventure it was time for bed….no cards tonight. 



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