Recovery day.

As we had not bought groceries yet, there was nothing for breakfast. We walked up the road to a little hotel called the “open Gate” and ate in their restaurant that sat along the road and had lovely views of the water. 
Breakfast consisted of all sorts of things. Meat and cheese and eggs and pastries. Yogurt and fruit, coffee and juice. Since we were paying a goodly amount for it we thought we would do it justice and then not need anything until dinner. (€15ea! Eek!) 
Ken decided, since we did not need his chauffeuring expertise, that he would stay back and read while we took the free store ‘taxi, service up (up!) the hill for groceries. 
The young fellow was a relative of the store owner and said they take turns helping out. He stopped on a high point overlooking the whole area and let us get out to take pictures while he also told us the history of the area. His English was good as he had lived in the U.S. For a few years so we were able to ask questions and understand the answers 😊.

The little store, “Tutti a Tutti” has a little of everything as the name suggests. Originally a house I think, we walked from one area, or room, to another for different things. We found a room on the side at the back with cereal and eggs etc. a deli at the back was well stocked and we bought green olives and cotto ham and a fresh crusty loaf. Pasta ‘fresco’ and some local bottled sauce and we had lots for breakfasts and a dinner or two. A few snacks and some liquid refreshment and we were done. 

An older gentleman took us back to our ‘home’ Residence il Gardino die Lemoni. 

Our first comfy bed…. With comfy pillows….  Soooo happy! 


The upper deck we can use…
Since this was a rest day….lots of resting was involved. Since there was no English congregation in the area to join we studied our own WT…. Then ….guess…. Really? You had to even guess? Euchre! Of course. 
For dinner we had some of our wonderful fresh pasta, sauce and bread and one of the wines we bought in Tavernelle di Pesa. They sure know how to make a wine to go with their food. 
Buon appetito e Buona notte


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