We left just a little after the time we hoped and made our way south. 
There was one more hill town we wanted to see before leaving Tuscany and that was Montepulciano. It is a wonderful little place. All uphill….(not quite both ways, but close!,) 
We arrived before most of the tours. One was just entering as we were, however we had decided to go up first and slowly come down, looking In shops as they opened. This put us ahead of the group and onto a quiet ascent devoid also of the hordes that hinder good photos.
One our way in we saw two of our sisters with a cart. Hardly any English but we enjoyed a few words, a hug and kiss before we went off to explore.

 Alleys and arch covered staircases abound on each side. On the left the alleys end with sights of the valley below. Vineyards can be seen all over. This is Barolo and D’Abruzzo country. 

We finally made it to the top and rewarded ourselves by sitting and having a cappuccino and pastry before heading back down. 

 We wandered the leather shops, wine and deli meats, as well as clothing. I bought a leather notebook, bound right there in the store. A perfume for a friend who missed out on it last time she was here.

 We found a place to get Panini’s to take with us on the rest of our travels. 
Instead of two sisters, there was a brother manning the cart. No English but again we were able to say hello and share a smile and a handshake.
Off we went and with the help of google maps we found our way onto the A1 motorway…auto strata. This goes all the way down past Rome to Naples and with only a small blip, one brief sign then nothing so we ended up into Pompeii, we were back on the right road and on to Sorrento and eventually our place in Praiano. 

 The picture on Google maps fro the website put us out by about 100 ft but close and with the help of Annette’s German we were given directions around the corner. 
It was a very long day and long drive and we were glad to be at our destination for the next few days. The scenery along the way, especially as we came around the bay of Naples and saw Vesuvius and then Sorrento coastline was spectacular. The road on the coast is wild and crazy, narrow and hit up in many places. Buses, tour buses, cars, trucks, scooters and motor bikes as well as a few insanely in shape cyclists all vying for the narrow piece of road is all part of the adventure! 
Since going to the store meant a hike up the hill, or a taxi, since we did not know where it was, we opted to eat out across the road. The food was not fantastic but ok and hit the spot. The stairs to and from the restaurant gave us our exercise for the day as well. 

The smaller light is the moon… The larger was lighting in the restaurant. There aren’t two moons in Italy! 😊

Fish…catch of the day. It was very good. 

Veal…. Ken’s choice.

Sponge cake with lemoncello. Oh my! 

 Night night all!  


3 thoughts on “South…..”

  1. I am enjoying your adventures so much. A lot of memories if our to Florence together. I think we need to do Italy again. Amazing. Love sharing your trip.


    1. Glad you’re enjoying it. I’m a bit behind…. It seems it’s all go and then cards and then I’m exhausted! My lower back had been a real problem the last few days. So I’m all done in by the time we are back ‘home’.


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