Last day……

In Tuscany. A long travel day lay ahead on Saturday so we determined to keep things rather subdued and simple. Taking in a local winery, doing laundry and going out for a last Tuscan dinner at the place we went several nights previous. 
Our appointment for our wine tasting was for 11 am. So we gathered up our clothes and went off to the laundromat with enough time, hopefully. Most things were dry before we were due to leave and given that it was a warm sunny day, the rest would dry on the drying rack provided at our home away from home. 

 The winery Poggia Bosco is family run. They were beginning to harvest the week we were there and so it was “all hands on deck”so to speak, to help out. The girl, Amber, who did the tasting said that only family helps, cousins and her boyfriend etc etc. anyone who can talk their way into the job, as the grandma cooks for them all and they don’t want to miss it! 😀 we wished we could have wormed our way in as the food sounded like something we shouldn’t miss. Oh well, we resigned ourselves to a tasting.

There are a number of wines they produce there. Mostly red as that is what the chianti region is famous for, and the grapes they use lend themselves better to it. There is a white they produce though and a rose, in small quantities. Several Chiantis and then a couple of others of their own blend, which are not called chianti as the grape mixture has to be just so for that. We liked their own blend though as it is more to our liking so bought a couple of bottles ( one Merlot) to drink later. They also produce olive oil though and it was served with bread while sampling the wines. It was so good we both bought that too! (Hm… Any clothes we are sick of and want to leave behind to make room for our goodies?) 
Last but not least we sampled their Vin Santo with mini biscotti. 😊 
We went home and put clothes to drying. For lunch we finished up some fresh pasta, salad, cheese, olives and bread. Then…..some napping and reading and enjoying the sun filled out the afternoon. A little snacking and card playing kept us busy until it was time to go into town and eat. 
Our hostess Gabriella arrived and we settled our bill with her. She covered me in her mosquito repellant when she saw I was being bitten. Very kind. With the help of our language app. we managed to sort everything out to everyone’s satisfaction and she gave us hugs and kisses while saying, “arrivederci”.
Friday night and the town was busy…. However it seemed that dinner was not on the menu. Only aperitivo and sports TV watching. We were told of a pizza place that was open though…right next door to where we had done laundry earlier in the day. 
La Fornace…… Was a ‘furnace’, or wood fired pizza oven restaurant. Pizza was great, beer was good too and the bar tender was the owner. He pointed out a picture of two little boys that was on the wall. One of them was him! 
One short game of cards and we went off to pack up. We hoped to leave by 8 am. 


4 thoughts on “Last day……”

  1. aaaaah, Italian pizza! So simple compared to ours, but soooo delicioius! Your blog has made me remember why I want to go back there. Thank you! You taking your vehicle back to Venice and then flying on to your mom’s?


    1. They are simple compared to a N. American one but fresher ingredients and emphasis on the pizza oven crust rather than a miriad of toppings dripping in fat!
      We end in Rome so the car goes back there. Then on to UK.

      I’m still writing but a bit behind. Tired and busy travelling, seeing and playing cards LOL. Ken is hooked on Euchre thanks to Russ and Annette 😀


  2. Loved all of your blogs…could you just travel a bit longer and keep blogging? Tuscany looks beautiful…thanks for sharing your travels.


  3. We aren’t done yet…. It was our last day! In Tuscany. We are on the Amalfi coast now. I’m just a few days behind. When we aren’t out doing things our friends want to play cards! Then I’m tired! So I am trying to keep up with the blog. Just posted another now. Glad you are enjoying them. Ciao!


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