In order to arrive before the tour bus hordes we left early and arrived in Sienna about 9:15am. We found parking quite easily as it was on the outskirts of the old walled town and walked in. 
It was again, locals going about their morning routine that we passed at first. We enjoyed the ambiance and were able to take some pictures before we reached the centre which was already busy. 
The lady delivering mail had this interesting vehicle.
 I took this same picture a few years ago while in Sienna… Had to do a re-take! 

Piazza Del Campo is quite a sight, with its size and tall tower. Knowing all this has been there for so many centuries is always thought provoking. All the lives that were lived there; in the case of these towns….wars fought. 


Even now many live much more simply than we do in N. America. Many people walk everywhere or use public transport. Lots of scooters, motorcycles and bicycles too. Since petrol (gas) is expensive, parking is too, as well as hard to find and two wheeled vehicles as well as two feet can maneuver in traffic faster. 

While we were in Venice in the apartment, we were only allowed to have one thing plugged and in use at a time. No drip coffee maker there or dryer.

The apartment here in Tuscany there is no microwave, but we do have a drip coffee maker, albeit one that takes forever to actually do its job. We hunt around for somewhere to plug things in as there are so few outlets. The toaster cannot be plugged in at the same time as the coffee maker as there is only one plug. This plug also won’t fit the plug for the toaster……..

None of us were energetic enough to climb the stairs of the tower. (You will have to wait for a picture of the tower as it was taken with the camera.)

………..The Torre del Mangia is the tower in Siena, in the Tuscany region of Italy. Built in 1338-1348, it is located in the Piazza del Campo, Siena’s premier square, adjacent to the Palazzo Pubblico (Town Hall). When built it was one of the tallest secular towers in medieval Italy. At 88 metres (289 feet), it is third tallest after Cremona’s Torrazzo (112 m (367 ft)) and the Asinelli tower in Bologna (97 m (318 ft))………
So we enjoyed the view from down in the Piazza. The fountain in the square – The Fonte Gaia (“Fountain of Joy”) was built in 1419 as an endpoint of the system of conduits bringing water to the city’s centre, replacing an earlier fountain completed about 1342 when the water conduits were completed.

Even the birds were enjoying the fountain. They don’t car about the history.. Only the refreshing drink and bath! 

The Duomo there is made with different coloured strips of marble for a very unique look was completed between 1215 and 1263 on the site of an earlier structure.

After wandering around and looking in a few shops we stopped for a pizza (and lasagne for me) lunch before going to find our car.


We decided on an antipasti supper at home and an evening of cards (no surprise LOL)


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