Off day….

In more ways than one LOL
The weather is off. Rain is due according to the forecast and really we could have guessed without seeing it as the sky was red in the morning (sailor’s /farmer’s warning) and the heavy clouds began to roll in not too long after.  
We are tired so taking a day off to do very little. Deciding upon a winery but the long and winding roads here in rural Italy are proving too much for our travel mates. The whole area is rolling hills and fertile hillsides and valleys. Great for vineyards and olive groves, not so great roads for travelling on. 

 We found the vineyard that had been recommended us and enjoyed sampling the wine. The girl there was very informative and friendly. Her English was good, she having spent a year at university in London, UK. The best wine they had to sample was the one we liked the most… Hmm. I wonder why?! However €53 was more than any of us had in mind to spend on one bottle so we opted to buy a more middle of the road vintage to have with a meal later. 

We thought to drive the 2 km into Castelina, the next town and for which the winery shared its name. It is a small, quaint little town and we could have loved to have eaten lunch there. However, we drove around twice and could not find parking. Farther out of town there was a parking lot with open spots but by then the rain was coming down even more so we opted to go back to out hometown of Tavernelle Di Pesa.  
Speaking of off….. We found the road we were supposed to take by my earlier calculations, but the fact that our directions were hampered by no sun, we ended up going the opposite direction to where we wanted to be. When I realized it we headed back for the town and took the right road this time. Not the one we might have taken as it looked even windier than the one we came in on. 
Our plans changed again. We thought to eat lunch in Tavernelle but as rain was coming down even heavier by the time we were again near our home from home. We made it the door before the downpour began, as well as thunder and lightening. From our meagrely provisions we managed to produce omelettes for lunch.
A game of euchre anyone? Yes. Then a nap. Which is what the guys are doing as I’m writing this. 
Our hostess at the house suggested a great little place in town that we try for lunch or dinner. We looked it up and found good reviews so we will go check it out for dinner. 
By 6:30pm we were ready to go into town and wander around for a while as, unlike home, it is too early yet for dinner. We looked around until about 7pm then wanted food. Entering the restaurant we see it is definitely for the locals. Mostly men, young and old, cradling their drinks and visiting with one another. Snacks, peanuts, chips etc being consumed along with it. 
We enquires about dinner. Apparently the kitchen did not open until 7:30 so we were very early by local standards. Paulo was very attentive though, wanting to teach us about Chianti wines and which wineries to visit. One we had just visited earlier, he was happy to hear. 
After an impassioned dissertation on the wines of the region we finally managed to get him to open a bottle for us and, since the kitchen we yet to be opened, a few snacks to tide us over. 
The wine was good, a little more to Russ’s liking as well, and we pursued the menu. The specialty of the house, we were told, is Peposo. This is a beef stew which was originally made in terra cotta urns for workers who were working on the Dome of the Duomo in Florence.

The pasta was fresh, the wine good. (We ordered a second bottle) 

After the pasta and Peposo, we were full and ready to leave. The place was getting busy and noisy. In the front room there were a bunch of guys watching football (and I mean soccer for my N. American readers) and in the back room others were playing billiards. 
We were not allowed to leave however, until we had sampled some Vin Santo and dessert biscotti. Molto bene! 

More cards….. Can we say euchre obsession! Then off to bed as we plan to get the bus to Florence in the morning. 

Buona notte.


2 thoughts on “Off day….”

  1. Hello my friends, glad to be able to follow you guys on your trip, don’t have to watch TV or read a book ! Sunny here today, can’t believe you guys play euchre !! Love that game ,challenging you when you get back for sure…… That wine looks soooooo yummy 🍷bye for now


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