Ken remembers driving in to Florence when we were in Tuscany 10 years ago. This time the idea of taking the bus and not having to deal with traffic and parking seemed like a great idea. 
The bus schedule said the first bus to Florence was 8:45. Since the coffee from our extra slow drip maker is more like sludge and I’m partial to the Italian tradition of cappuccino and sweet pastry in the morning, we left our place early enough to partake in the local restaurant / coffee and wine bar. 

Yummy pastry and caffeine fix in place, we walked to the bus stop and waited. By the time the bus arrived there were lots of other travellers ready to board. €3.30 a ticket was not much to pay and gave Ken a stress free day where he could also enjoy the scenery with the rest of us.

The bus came in near the train station (if you’ve been to Florence) and we had a bit of a walk to the river Arno and the main area we wished to see. 
On our last visit to the city we went to Ac’cademia to see “David”. Russ and Annette were happy to view the free replica in the piazza and go into Uffuzi instead. The line for tickets was 1 1/2 hr long so we succumbed to the enticement of paying more to get in immediately. (Good business!) 

First order of business was a washroom. Those were down in the bowels of the building…. (Sorry for the pun….but they were very much under ground😀) 

I had downloaded Rick Steve’s audio tour and Greenhaugls got the audio from the Museum. Annette ended up listening along with me for some of it as his was more entertaining and informative. (FYI if you will be visiting Europe… He has many audios for different cities and museums etc) 
The frescos on the ceiling of the museum were equally and sometimes more enjoyable than the artwork. There was a good view of the Arno river and the Ponte Vecchio bridge ( listen to the opera aria “O Mio Babino Caro” which mentions both) from the sculpture hall which we took advantage of for some photo ops. (Pictures in camera I’m afraid)
After leaving the museum it was definitely gelato time!! And a sit down. My back was quite sore and we all wanted a break. 
Ponte Vecchia was next. We walked across and window shopped. Amazing unique Cameos, expensive watches and other jewellery were to be seen and had if you wished to spend $$$.
We wended our way back over to the Duomo. A little disappointing this time as there was restoration work going on so scaffolding and hoarding all around the baptismal building and others in the piazza di Duomo. The outside is very ornate as was the one in Sienna, the inside not so much except for the dome. It was free to go in so we followed the line and went to take a few photos. If you are energetic, you may walk up the 400+ stairs to just under the dome and have a close up view of the art. Even more, you may go up farther to the outside of the upper dome and have a panoramic of the city. We weren’t so inclined! 
(Again, apologies….pictures in camera and will share later) 

We had to go and find where we could get tickets and our bus to Tavernelle again. It was a bit of an adventure and I was having trouble walking by then but we finally found the bus station, missed a bus by a hair!! Then waited for an hour or so for another one. 
One more florentine steak was waiting for us at home so we cooked that up along with some fresh local green beans and baked potatoes. 
Another few games of cards and we retired for the night. No alarm in the morning! Yeah!! 
Buona  notte! Ciao! 


2 thoughts on “Firenze”

  1. Wow looks so awesome , someone can just jump into the river and cool down ! 🏊🏻. Coffee and goodies looks so yummy, thanks for our adventure ! Only wish we were there with you, keep the email merci bonne journee !!


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