And on the seventh day He rested. 

It sounded like an example to follow, so we slept in, and sat around. The scenery around our accommodation is of rolling hills and vineyards. Tall cyprus are dotted about the landscape that is unique to this place.

Fresh lemons anyone? They just need a little more time to ripen….


We needed more groceries for the week and since it was Sunday and the store was only open until 1:30 we managed to rouse ourselves enough to go do that. 

Rather than go out again later to eat, we bought fresh pasta and sauce and made our own food. Pasta Fresca, tomato sauce, salad and crusty baguette….. Oh my! 

Then the fun began. Card night!  


2 thoughts on “And on the seventh day He rested. ”

  1. Hi AM and Ken . Fabulous George and I are taking turns to read and admire photos all the pics. If it was allowed ,, I would be green with envy so I will just sigh and say FANTASTIC !!!


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