To the Republic of San Marino

We put an early alarm on so we could be up for our 8:00 am breakfast. A pretty table was set for us outside by the garden. Cappuccini were ordered and we enjoyed the fresh prosciutto and cotta ham, local cheeses, fresh fruit (including figs!!!!!) homemade preserves and bread. As well there were tasty croissant and other pastries to round out our luxuriant European breakfast.

 Well satisfied, we packed up the car and off we went. After a couple of false starts (my GPS seems a bit off) we made it onto the road going south. Far from our destination we spied the hilltop republic and its three towers. Still it took almost an hour to get there.

The views are of course spectacular. Not only can you see all over the surrounding countryside but the Adriatic Sea as well.

There was a music, voice festival going on and we stopped to listen for a few minutes. The soprano and choir were from Switzerland. The lady soprano had a wonderfully true voice that echoed and resonated beautifully in the open air amphitheater.

Right there was also two couples with their carts full of literature in multiple languages. They spoke little English but we were warmly welcomed with traditional two cheek kisses and hand shakes.
Having our fill of photo-ops we stopped for pizza and beer. After being refreshed we walked back down (thank goodness!) to the car for our 3 hour drive to Tavernelle. The three hours was more like the 3 hour tour Gilligan, the captain and others took…. My GPS or perhaps I can blame it A little on road signs…. It took significantly longer and the road was a “long and winding road”.
None of us thought to print a map of where our rental was so we tried to phone for help. The lady, Gabriella, speaks NO English!!!  She didn’t seem to understand that we were speaking English and didn’t understand her either.

Ken and I had stayed in Tavernelle before so we made it that far. We decided to stop at the COOP store and get just a few groceries so we could make breakfast in the morning. I asked someone for the directions to the place at the same time. We managed to get on the right street… However as it was getting dark and harder to see numbers etc. We stopped at a hotel and asked and the very helpful lady at reception gave us a view of the road on google earth and we were only a few doors away.
Phew! We arrived! However we were very tired and it was rather a strain trying to communicate. It seemed that Gabrielle thought if she talked enough, and also fast enough, in Italian we would begin to understand. It would have been funnier if we weren’t so tired.

We retired early, no surprise there! No card games tonight.


4 thoughts on “To the Republic of San Marino”

    1. Thanks Lynda. I’m a bit behind again. Will try to at least get yesterday’s up toning. I did write most of it already. Just have to finish and add the pics. Hope you’re continuing to have a great time where you are.


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