To Ravenna

The scenic route from Venice to Ravenna happens to also be the truck route….. So we found out. Still we arrived about 2:30pm and checked into our B & B early. Since we were early the owners who would have checked us in were out having lunch and the only available person to check us in was the handyman who had about the same amount of English as we do Italian….. Somehow we managed. 
We also got in touch with McPhees, our friends who are living there. Eve rode over on her bicycle from their apartment and we made plans for later.
After settling in our rooms and changing, we walked to their place. The short route took us along cobblestone streets in a residential area of town. Since we did not stop along the way for lunch but had a granola bar, eve offered Antipasti and Prosecco. Of course we said, “grazie mille” and enjoyed their hospitality.  

Ivan had some work to do before dinner so we were taken by Eve on the historic walking tour of Ravenna. This included ancient mosaics and Dante’s tomb. 

Our reservation for dinner was at 7:30pm which is actually early for Europe. Lovely little place, with open air seating. It was so warm that day and did not cool off. By the time we had finished our dinner the temperature was perfect, where you really can’t feel the air around you. 
Several had steak. I had sword fish. Dessert was gelato of course. Yum! 

We went back to McPhees apartment for more visiting. We left around 11pm as we all began to yawn and were reminded that we had an early start the next day. 
It was lovely to see them and we enjoyed their hospitality. 


3 thoughts on “To Ravenna”

  1. That’s so great you guys were able to see Mcphee’s:). Miss them. What a lovely place they live. Wonderful you guys are having such a great time:). Love you both❤️❤️


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