Venice….last day.

Being as it is Russ and Annette’s first visit to Venice they wanted to take a Vaparatto the length of the Grand Canal to get a feel for it, and being as this is our last day, now is the time! 

There is one that does not stop at every stop and goes slow so the passengers are able to enjoy the scenery and also take photos. Annette and I were in full full photo-taking mode and I took a few with my iPhone as well so I can share. (Finally getting my act together….well, with that anyway)

One idea we had of what to do next changed when the guys wanted to stop and eat (which included liquid refreshment 😉). Any plan we decided upon hinged on being close to the free shuttle by the time our 3-day Vaparatto tickets ran out….

 After our rest and nourishment we were decided on more wandering down quieter side canals for photo ops and Venetian ambiance. High humidity and high 20’s temps made our progress slow so after a few stops I needed a cappuccino. Since there are little coffee bars all over it didn’t take much to find one. Annette joined me and we sat on the little stools by the open window of the bar and enjoyed the wonderful Italian beverage and hopefully enough caffeine to get us home. The guys opted for gelato, and the sugar rush did the trick for them. 

We noticed when we were in the area for dinner the other night (just down the alley actually) that there was a Leonardo Di Vinci exhibit we wanted to go in and see. So, the direction we took this afternoon was to take us there. It was not as large as the one that was in Victoria a number of years ago but interesting none the less. The man certainly lived and thought a few hundred years before his time.
Back to our Venetian home from home for the last night. A night of leftover appys and more crazy card games. Hopefully a fairly decent nights sleep as well; between jet lag, mosquitos and rather hard beds it’s been a challenge so far. 


2 thoughts on “Venice….last day.”

  1. Sorry to hear about the mozzies! It looks like your trip is still very good despite the bugs:). Give my love to dad, Annette and Russ:). You too!


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