Since on our previous trips to Venice (twice) we did not go to any of the other islands, it was decided we would do that this time. Burano was our choice, not because of the lace making there but the colourful buildings. Annette is an avid photographer and it seemed the ideal place to go for that. 
We took the Vaparatto water bus to Piazza San Marco. Hm… No first while we were waiting for it to arrive I had a cappuccino in a small coffee bar adjacent to the stop. The morning coffee in the apartment has a lot to be desired so after a couple of days of it, finding some great Italian cappuccino had become a necessity! 
Ok, so…. San Marco we took another water bus that went to the outer islands. It was almost an hour by bus but stops at other islands along the way as well as enjoying the view of marshlands was enjoyable. 
My apologies ahead of time as I managed to leave my camera cables behind and my pictures that day were taken with it. So, later. The one I’m posting with this was on a site. 
Burano is very small but lovely and quaint. The colours are quite remarkable. To think of buildings being red and mauve, yellow, orange, green, blue etc., all in a row, you’d think it would be a terrible sight but it seems to fit in very well together. Little canals everywhere where people have their boat just outside their door. 


Russ and Ken had seen enough after the first couple of streets and we’re happy to be left in a cafe where they visited, ate pizza and drank birra while we looked in all the cute little shops and “ooh-ed” and “ahh-ed” at all the lace items for sale. Tatting actually, it is all so fine. 
We took lots of pictures as well and I hope to beg, steal and borrow any from Annette which she might be willing to share as she has a feature on her camera that makes the colours more vivid. I’m sure I can photoshop mine though and will try when I get home. 
We took a different boat in the way back and it comes to the north side of the north island of Venice. We decided to walk through to the Grand Canal and get another boat there to take us back to where we are staying. 
During our walk we came into a Piazza and found a brother and two sisters with three carts. The brother and his wife (one of the sisters there) are Italian but in a Spanish congregation and although they speak some English I was able to use a little of my Spanish to communicate with her. They are coming to Toronto and New York (Bethel) in October. I think they were a little disappointed we lived in the west of Canada. It was great to see some of our brothers and sisters though as we had not seen any in the public witnessing until then. 
We wended our way back to a Vaparatto stop and took one to where we could pick up our number and get ‘home’. We were rather tired by then and determined we would have an evening in, eating our antipasti and playing cards. 
Ken and I are getting the idea of the game Euchre now! We also played Hearts. Ken won…..


6 thoughts on “Burano”

  1. The day we tried to go to Murano and/or Burano (the glass interests me more than the lace) was a miserably cold windy rainy day. So we didn’t get there. We went as far as Lido –where we actually saw cars on roads! 🙂 –then went back ‘home’. So do you think September is a better time to be there than April/May? Warmer? You mentioned flooding in St. Mark’s Square–we read about that, but no problem when we were there. Has to to do with tides and time of year,doesn’t it? I’m enjoying reading what you are doing there, and appreciating the reminiscenceing (???!) it is providing me. Too bad about the Rialto Bridge being under construction, but at least you have seen it before. Looking forward to reading more…


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