London to Venice  

After the early morning rush to check in for our flight we did the “hurry up and wait” that has become air travel. Our plane arrived late from Geneva, bad weather causing delays now in that ripple effect, our flight leaving about 40 minutes late. There was unsettled weather all over the area we were travelling to as well so there was some turbulence. Nothing too bad however, and we arrived safely and with little delay. 

Everything went to smoothly from there, no congestion at passport control or long wait for baggage and our shuttle bus from the airport to Venice proper arrived within a few minutes or our arrival at the stop. 
The air was warm and humid as we stepped off the plane. Thunderstorms in the area the previous day and the continuing moisture in the air making the temperature, around 24C, seem higher than it was. 
So, everyone kept asking me before I left, “are you excited?” The answer being, “no! Stressed”. So the moment I felt excited was as the bus turned onto the causeway that connects Venice to the mainland. We had arrived! 
Ken and I , having visited here before, knew where to find the Vaparatto (water bus) stop where we would board to get to the apartment we were to be staying while in Venice. We had little or no wait time for this either and soon were on our way. Our travelling companions were enjoying their first glimpses of the city and this unique way of getting around it. 
A little walk, along with traversing two bridges with our suitcases, and we were at our destination. The lady caretaker of the suite was there to meet us and surprisingly we were on time. A very friendly Philippino lady gave us a tour of the apartment and explained details we needed to know about its facilities and then left us to it.
After a short rest we went to find the grocery store so we would have at least breakfast and snacks and a little ‘liquid sustenance’ 😉. The Co-Op supermarket is well stocked and offered us all we needed and more. Showing restraint as we only need a small amount to last the 3 1/2 days we only purchased enough to fill the wheeled carrier we found in the apartment and a cooler bag Annette brought from home, so resourceful.
Jet lag crept up on us yet again and instead of venturing out for dinner we decided since we had lots to feed us right there we stayed in and ate. Russ and Annette are avid Euchre players and were anxious to initiate us as well so we played a game and apparently we show aptitude. I’m sure they are both happy and relieved that we enjoyed it so it can become our evening entertainment when we are ‘in’.

Ha ha.  The rest of us were hiding out behind the cameras. Annette has one with more people in it…  


5 thoughts on “London to Venice  ”

  1. What area are you staying in? You mention an apartment–did you go through AirBnB or something like that? We found that a great way to stay places, much less cost than a hotel, and nicer to be able to do your own thing when you have a kitchen etc. Our apartment in Venice was just down from St Mark’s square, right at the Arsenale vaporetto stop.Hi to Annette and Russ from us.


    1. We are staying in a VRBO on Giudecca Island. Molina Stucky building which a,so houses the Hilton hotel. It is a two bedroom and two bath apartment. Ken and I actually stayed here five years ago when we were supposed to be travelling with Dawn and Carlos…..long story….


    2. Hi there, we are on Giudecca island just south of the two main ones. Good Vaparatto service and a hotel next door which we can make use of their shuttle as well. So it’s been working well. “Hello” sent on…. And returned


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