Day 1

…..And so it begins. 

Uneventful is a cherished word when speaking of air travel, and we were grateful ours was no exception. We were even spared the usual trek from domestic to international flights, surprised to find the gate for our flight to London was only a few down from where we arrived in Calgary.
We haven’t flown British Airways for a while and were pleasantly surprised that the seats were not too uncomfortable, and the food more than simply editable. 
The coffee at breakfast however had much to be desired. It reminded me, and Ken agreed, of coffee we once had on the Greek Isle of Naxos. Pretty much undrinkable! That time we choked our way through it to be polite to the hostess, her coffee cake more than making up for the beverage. This time it was only that it was ‘warm and wet’. Not even hot, Diana. You would have done without for sure!
All was well with the landing etc. However, we were separated at Passport control as Ken is allowed to accompany me through with the EU passports. Russ and Annette had to go through “all other passports” where there were simply hordes of people. We went to baggage claim and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally they appeared and off we went in search of our hotel shuttle. 
Another small adventure, as the bus we were supposed to take (according to the sign we saw) took forever to come. When it did, we were told that this was not the bus we needed. It had changed. If we had read the new sign, which was obscured by travellers waiting for their own bus, it would have told us that, so we were informed. Actually it didn’t, but the driver of the bus said he did in fact go there. 
It became apparent when we arrived a the hotel why we could not find it on the list. The name of the hotel had been recently changed from the Arora to Heathrow hotel. Go figure! New signs please!!
The hotel was good though (a steal on Hotwire) and we were able to rest our weary, jet lagged bones and eat a light repast in the restaurant before retiring for an early night. Good thing we did retire early as none of us slept past 4am. This was not that much of a hardship however as we had to be up at 5:30am to be off on the next leg. 
Not quite ‘full English breakfast’.


4 thoughts on “Day 1”

  1. I didn’t realize that Russ and Annette are your travelling companions. We know them too through mutual friends (Jerry and Gloria Kusick)! Such a small world in our brotherhood. You will have a wonderful time together! Say a warm hello from us.


  2. Like reading an adventure book ! Love it but for some reason , I miss you already ( problebly becaues you are not so close by and we are eating all your goodies left behind ) merci 🙋


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