To Pack or not to pack. That is the question.

Well, I guess that’s not correct. I have to pack if I want to have a change of clothes while we are away, without purchasing it all there. Hm…. Well that’s an idea! 🙂

What to pack? That’s the real question. 

One warm destination is easy to figure out. However, adding the UK to the end of the trip at the beginning of October, brings the guesswork into play. The weather in the south of England is much like Vancouver Island. Unpredictable!

September is often a month where summer extends into fall (autumn) and though the nights are cooler, the days are often still quite warm so as not to notice with the passage of time bringing us closer to winter.

October is a whole different thing entirely. One that is rarely predictable or consistent.

So, layers it is! (Plus an umbrella for good measure)


7 thoughts on “To Pack or not to pack. That is the question.”

  1. Yep layering – only way to go. I was freezing on the plane and also here in the Luberon in the evenings. A light hooded jacket, light sweater & shawl for the plane & a thick hoody I packed were really handy. Comfy leggings and knitted slippers would have been good to have too. Make sure Ken has a hoody or scarf and hat for the plane too. No fun being sick on holiday.


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