Italy 2015 vacation blog

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We are in countdown mode for out trip to Italy. We leave September 12th with a night in London, near the airport, then on to Venice the next morning.

Am I ready for this? No! But then I never am. I pack the day before, so don’t ask if I’m all packed and ready to go. Am I excited? No! I get excited when I’m on the plane and can’t stress about what still has to be done before I go. Ken is looking forward to it. Does that mean he’s excited? I’m not sure. Guess I will ask and let you know.
Since our summer has abandoned us already I will enjoy an extension of it while we are away. The temperatures will be in the 20c + and in some areas upper 20’s so that will be enjoyable.
Another perk for me is a second season of fresh figs. Here the season is short, really short; three weeks only. In Italy they will still be on the trees and wonderfully, mushily (yes I know it’s not a word) ripe, juicy and sweet. I’m salivating just thinking of them. As you can tell I really like them, a lot!


7 thoughts on “Italy 2015 vacation blog”

    1. There is a plan. We start off in Venice, then a night in Ravenna where friends are currently living. On to tuscany for a week, Amalfi coast and back to Rome. Several nights in London, where we part company from the couple we are travelling with and head for Southampton. There we pick up Mum and bring her back for a visit. Including Edmonton to see the girls so if you are around…… Sometime later in October?!


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